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UAV Inspections

Inspect hard to reach places with our high resolution 4K drones. Detect problems before they become more dangerous and costly.

About the service

Roof inspection: Our drone operators fly your project using video, photos, or measurable maps to capture your roof in high resolution.  


Vertical inspection: Our drone operators capture the sides of your building in high resolution. 

  • Ultra-HD 4K Video and High Resolution Images

  • Regular, timely updates

  • Prevent costly mistakes by regular inspections

Organization that makes it easy for you to use 

We store your data for you on a cloud that you have access to on any device 24/7. 

The fastest turnaround time in the industry 

We have the flexibility to be on site just one phone call away, so that you can get the documentation you need within the timeframe you need it. 

Construction site safety 

Haven been on hundreds of sites, we understand the safety risks. We are prepared with liability insurance, OSHA 30 cards, and fully licensed drone operators through the FAA. 

Softwares 2.png

We work and deliver the data with the apps your team already uses.

Custom delivery is our expertise. Working specifically in the AEC industries we have developed systems to help your team have the photos, videos, and data where you need them. We are partner with multiple software companies, including Procore, Dronedeploy, and Structionsite among many others. 


You choose the service, we send the expert operator, and have the data available 24/7.

Please request a demo.

Because we are a tailored service, the best way to learn more about how we can help is to request a demo.

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